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    Danny Macaskill: The Ridge

    I seem to have a habit of hitting stuff when I’m mountain biking, trees, myself off the ground, myself off trees etc so to see someone with this much talent, my jaw does literally drop.

    This Weeks What I am..

    This weeks “What I am” is a variety of stuff again that I’ve saved across the last few days. I think I’ll have to spend a few hours clearing out all the stuff I’ve bookmarked in Pocket this week or I’ll never find stuff in there ! In China they are now recommending their Government […]

    This post has nothing to do with that program on Discovery TV but everything to do with digital storage. Sandisk have just recently launched a monster SD Card – a huge 512GB. I think it’s going to sell for about €800 but that’s some huge storage for personal devices. More details on it are here […]

    22 Sep
    What I am..

    I never really introduced this post the last time so I’ll try do a bit more of an introduction this time. I use a couple of different methods for bookmarking and holding onto links for reading later. There’s an IFTTT Action for Twitter Favourites to Pocket, there’s Pocket itself, and on the odd occasion I  keep tabs […]

    15 Sep

    The Property Boom is back in Ireland, no seriously it is. People are sleeping out to be in a que for a new housing estate – Link Scotland goes to the polls shortly to vote on Independence, what this can mean for Non Iron and Ireland. – Link How Hackers actually got into the iCloud […]

    Building your own NAS

    I’ve suffered a few hard drive crashes over the years and I had almost given up using organised storage for my data. I have scattered around the house various bits of tech, two desktops, two laptops, a netbook, an iPad, iPhone, Android Phone and now a NAS.  The main driver behind the NAS is the […]

    Well that ended quickly..

    It’s nearly been a year since I posted anything here, I didn’t think it was that long. So another attempt begins to keep some life into the site. I’ve added a Photos section to the site – I’ll try keep that updated as I’ve recently just built a NAS and I’m trying to amalgamate all […]

    18 Dec


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    Some of ye will know we have had a Rottie Lab Cross with the last 7 years of our lives. We originally rescued her from the ISPCA and became her adoptive parents, she will be 9 this March all things going well. At the moment things are not going so well for our little four […]

    Shamed be he who thinks evil of it

    I spotted this video and it just amazed me to think in this day and age what people are still struggling for and how much we take for granted in the western world. The actual title of the video is HONI SOIT QUI MAL Y PENSE which translates as Shamed be he who thinks evil of it. […]

    Martyn Ashton – Road Bike Party

    Some people will have seen Road Bike Party 2 and wondered who is this lad trying to cash in on what Danny MacAskill has been doing ? Well you’ve got it the wrong round, Martyn Ashton has been riding trials with years (with and without an engine it must be said) and has always been at […]